Jusdeep was an active participant in working to better his community. We have established these scholarships in areas that he was passionate about to keep his legacy alive.

Yong-In Martial Arts Scholarship

Jusdeep Singh Sethi was a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, studying under Master Chung at Yong-In Martial Arts in Southern California. Jusdeep mastered the art of self-discipline, conquering his internal warrior and humbling himself to maintain peace and harmony physically, mentally, and
spiritually. On June 20, 2014, The Sethi Family established and presented the First Jusdeep Singh Sethi Legacy Scholarship Award at the Yong-In Martial Arts School. One of Jusdeep’s last messages before his transition came in the words of Master Chung, saying “Pain is Temporary”. The award was given to Black Belt student Jean Kang. Congratulations to Jean and her family for continuing the legacy of our humble warrior, Jusdeep Singh Sethi!

El Oro Way School Scholarships

June 2, 2017- Five scholarships were given at Jusdeep’s elementary school, El Oro Way. The teachers here have even planted a tree in his honor at the school.

Jusdeep Sethi Memorial Scholarship at Los Alamitos High School


May 25, 2017- This year, the scholarship was given to five handpicked recipients. All five were seen as kids who have a love for life and its experiences- just like Jusdeep had.


Isaac Castellanos, Parker Fife, Justin Min, Brooklyn Nash, Connor Shannon

Jusdeep Sethi Memorial Scholarship at Los Alamitos High School

“Jusdeep was a true “Griffin” – he embodied everything Los Al…he was an excellent student who was extremely active in ASB and involved in multiple activities both on and off campus. His smiling face and engaging personality won over the hearts and students and staff. This annual scholarship has been established by Jusdeep’s parents who wish to honor two students who represent the spirit and life of their son, Jusdeep Sethi.

 Jusdeep Hip Hop Think Tank Scholarship

Jusdeep Sethi was a key member of the CSUN student organization “HIP HOP THINK TANK”, focusing his energy and efforts on creating dialogue between generations and cultures to create a peaceful and respectful atmostphere where students could share their love of hip hop and at the same time expand their knowledge. At the end of the Spring Semester, CSUN’s Hip-Hop Think Tank, Professor Anthony Ratcliff, Justin Marks, Rocio Leal, and the Sethi family all teamed up to award 3 students the “Jusdeep Sethi Hip Hop Think Tank Scholarship” The three recipients of this scholarship were: David Dillon Alexus Smith Bryant Tran We hope that these students will continue Jusdeep’s legacy of spreading justice and empowerment within their communities, utilizin music and art as a way of healing and transformation. For more information on the CSUN Hip Hop Think Tank, please check on Twitter for @hiphopthinktank